, Inc. is one of the most successful companies in the Retail sector. As of the year 2018, it generated revenues of $177,866 million (30.80% year-over-year change). Reported profit was of $3,033.00 million.

The current CEO Jeff Bezos (Chairman, President & Chief Executive Officer) currently manages more than 566,000 employees.

The company's headquarters is located in Seattle, WA.

Yes, is a Fortune 1000 company. Its current rank is top 8 US company. It has been on the list for 17 years. The stock forms an important  component of NASDAQ-100 and S&P 500. is traded on Nasdaq as NASDAQ:AMZN.

The company runs retail websites and focuses on selection, price, and convenience for its customers. Both B2C and C2C programs are offered. The main market segment is North America, but the International business keeps growing. The company also operates warehouses in Europe, e.g. in the Czech Republic.

Besides retail services also manufactures and sells Kindle devices.

Many investors consider to be a blue chip stock besides the fact that it doesn’t make enough money. The other criticism includes:

  • P/Es in the triple digits
  • No dividends
  • Margins aren't fully maximized
  • Very low net profit margin (0.46% in 2013)

You can read some of these arguments on, Investorplace or Forbes

Jeff Bezos thinks big-picture and leads the company to long-term profits.

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