Alphabet Inc. (Google Inc.)

Alphabet (formerly known for the main of its companies: Google Inc.) is a multinational corporation specialising in online advertising technologies, search, cloud computing, and software. Alphabet is one of the most successful companies in the Technology sector.

As of the year 2018, it generated revenues of $110,855 million (22.80% year-over-year change). Reported profit was of $12,662.00 million.

The company's headquarters is located in Mountain View, CA.

Yes, Alphabet is a Fortune 1000 company. Its current rank is top 22 US company. It has been on the list for 13 years.

GOOG (class C) is traded as NASDAQ-100 Components and S&P 500 Components.

Most of Google's profits come from Google Ads (formerly known as AdWords), an online advertising service.

Selected Google News

Jan 23, 2015: Here’s why Google Inc is getting into the wireless business (by Olga Kharif, Scott Moritz and Brian Womack, Bloomberg News)

  • Google is getting into the business of selling wireless service to customers after reaching an agreement to use Sprint Corp.’s network
  • Selling wireless service could enable the Web giant to gain more mobile-device users to help sell mobile ads.
  • Google has signed a deal with T-Mobile US Inc.

Jan 22, 2015: Why Google Inc Is Investing $1 Billion In SpaceX (by Jay Taylor)

  • SpaceX has raised a billion dollars in a financing round with two new investors, Google and Fidelity
  • Elon Musk recently announced that he wants to use SpaceX’s expertise in delivering supplies and payloads to space to set up a network of satellites to blanket the globe with Internet coverage
  • Google has made recent investments in the Internet of Things, automation, robotics, and much more

Jan 22, 2015: Twitter Inc Stock Moves Higher On Google Inc Buyout Rumor Refresh (by Michelle Jones)

  • this rumor has popped up about once a year for the last five to six years
  • Google management is probably aware that Twitter “is the best real-time search engine out there.”
  • micro-blogging platform’s market capitalization is now about $24.33 billion
  • Twitter doesn’t have as many “hard assets” like patents and research facilities
  • The micro-blogging platform’s current revenues wouldn’t even move the needle on Google’s overall revenue
  • Twitter’s relatively small number of users wouldn’t be much of a help to the search giant
  • Twitter could massively benefit from having its platform rolled out to all of Google’s services

Jan 21, 2015: 3 Reasons Google Inc.'s Driverless Cars Will Hit A Dead End (by Leo Sun)

  • Chris Urmson, head of driverless cars at Google, recently predicted that its driverless cars could hit public roads within two to five years
  • Google doesn't have any car manufacturing aspirations
  • it will possibly sell its self-driving system to manufacturers, which would tether more users to its Google Maps ecosystem and ferry passengers across a Google-controlled smart grid
  • Google's driverless cars can't drive down any road previously mapped out on Google Maps
  • Another big problem for Google is the current cost of its driverless car, which is reportedly outfitted with a whopping $250,000 in equipment
  • Controlling the transportation grid could open the floodgates to all new privacy and security concerns

Jan 14, 2015: Google Inc. Says Self-Driving Car Will Be Ready By 2020 (by Thomas Halleck)

  • Google is in talks with major auto manufacturers as it prepares for mass production
  • Potential partners are Ford Motor Co., General Motors Co., Toyota Motor Corp., Daimler AG and Volkswagen AG
  • Google’s latest autonomous vehicles were built by Roush, a specialty manufacturer in Detroit
  • A fleet of Google’s self-driving cars will soon be deployed sans steering wheels or pedals
  • Musk vows that his electric car manufacturer will be the first to market, but said a lack of federal regulations could delay them until 2023.

Jan 13, 2015: Deutsche Bank Is Positive On Google Inc (GOOGL) Stock; Here’s Why (by Martin Blanc)

  • Deutsche Bank analyst reiterated a Buy rating on Google stock, with a $615 target price
  • recent concerns regarding the split up of the tech giant in Europe, challenges in mobile segment, and potential loss as being Safari’s default browser
  • The 12-month average target price assigned by the analysts on the stock is $664.67.

Jan 12, 2015: Why Facebook Inc's Acquisition of QuickFire Should Scare Google Inc (by Leo Sun)

  • Facebook recently acquired video processing start-up QuickFire Networks, which uses its transcoding technology to compress video files without degrading their quality
  • Facebook recently revealed that its number of video posts per user rose 75% YOY globally last year, with 94% growth in the U.S. alone
  • Facebook also averages over 1 billion video views per day
  • Last quarter, Facebook's advertising revenue rose 64% YOY to $2.96 billion
  • In the past, Facebook users would uploaded videos on YouTube, then share them on Facebook. This actually generated ad revenue for Google via the pre-roll, post-roll, and static ads on the video
  • If Facebook rolls out a „professional“ version to rival LinkedIn, as reports suggested last November, the video network could be used for collaborative purposes between co-workers
  • If Facebook launches a health care network, which has been rumored to be an option, a sturdier video platform could be used for telehealth purposes

Jan 12, 2015: Google Inc. (GOOGL) Overtaken by Yahoo! Inc (YHOO) in U.S. Search Market (by Nonito Guntan)

  • a report released by StatCounter indicates that Yahoo’s share of the U.S. search market climbed from 7.4 percent to 10.4 percent, while that of Google fell from 79.3 percent in 2013 to 75.2 percent in December of last year
  • The change is seen as an effect of a deal that Yahoo! struck with Mozilla Foundation earlier in November last year

Jan 12, 2015: Why I'm Buying Google Inc. Stock in 2015 (by Brian Stoffel)

  • Google has the perfect trifecta of a huge moat and stable business, multiple opportunities ahead, and visionary leadership
  • is the most visited site not only in the United States, but on Earth
  • The average user visits the page 18 times per day, spending 17 minutes on it
  • Alongside the search and advertising cash cow, the company's innovation could supercharge Google stock returns
  • Currently, shares are trading for 21 times non-GAAP earnings, only a shade above the S&P 500's average of 20 times earnings

Jan 12, 2015: Google Inc (GOOGL) To Launch Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) Real-Time Translator Rival (article by Solon Harmony B. Dolor)

  • Google Inc is set to launch a rival to Microsoft’s real-time translator for Skype,
  • Speakers of different languages can converse as the feature translate spoken word and displays the translated transcript using the language the other person is speaking
  • Google may also be launching a service to translate photos

Jan 12, 2015: „3 Stocks to Watch: Google Inc, Facebook Inc, Hewlett-Packard Company“

  • Google Inc outpace Facebook Inc in a social login dominance in 4rth quarter of 2014, according to the latest data from customer-profile-management technology provider Janrain.
  • Janrain (a Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer) showed that Google at 40% in the 4rth quarter, that is up from 34% in the 3rd quarter, while Facebook declined 3% quarter-over-quarter.

Jan 9, 2015: Google Inc Search Engine Contract With Apple Inc. Is Coming To An End (by TipRanks)

  • Apple currently has a contract with Google that marks Google as the default web browser of Apple products
  • The contract is expiring next year, and rumors are circulating that Apple will not renew Google’s contract
  • Apple may replace Google’s search engine with that of Yahoo! or Microsoft’s Bing.
  • The analyst estimates that Google losing Apple’s search engine contract would amount to $2 off the 2015 earnings per share of $29.17, and “this would result in a ~$47 (~7%) decrease in [his] $640 target price.
  • AAPL's market share increases every quartal
  • Remember China & the IBM deal
  • Just like AAPL's past map issues; when Tim Cook said, „Use Google Til We Fix It“

Jan 7, 2015: Google Inc's Smart Home Strategy Taking Shape (by Tim Brugger)

  • smart home devices alone generated over $60 billion in revenue last year and will climb to an estimated $490 billion in 2019
  • Nest Labs (acquired by Google) develop smart thermostat, smoke, and carbon monoxide detector solution
  • Google's vision for smart homes came into focus a bit when it announced a $555 million deal for cloud-based home security manufacturer, Dropcam
  • Google also acquired Revolv – an all-in-one app to control multiple smart devices – for an undisclosed sum.
  • In addition to syncing with smart locks, VoIP phones, and even electric cars, Nest will also work with Whirlpool and LG smart appliances, along with Philips Hue light bulbs
  • Revolv helped Google solve one of the fledgling smart home market's biggest hurdles – getting all of these devices to „talk to each other.“
  • smart home competitors to Google: Samsung (following its $200 million deal for SmartThings) and Apple (offering the ecobee3 smart thermostat via its Store)

Dec 19, 2014: Apple Inc.’s Success with Apple Pay Galvanizes Google And Samsung (by Larry Darrell)

  • Apple pay keeps adding many new retailers and banks to its list of partners
  • Apple’s payment system now supports credit cards that currently cover 90% of card purchase volume in the US
  • Google Wallet (has been around since 2011) failed to make a significant impact and achieve mass adoptability
  • In the end, Google could really benefit from this as Apple spends all its resources in courting retailers, indirectly benefiting Google as well

Dec 16, 2014: Google Inc (GOOG) Woes In European Countries (by Virah Shah)

  • Google continues to find the going tough in the European Union
  • The latest country to threaten the search engine giant with a fine was Netherlands
  • Dutch Data Protection Authority (DPA) disclosed that Google was facing heavy fines in case the company failed to meet the privacy requirements as expressed by the concerned authority
  • Google might be fined $18.7 million or 15 million euros if it does not meet the deadline of February next year to comply with the demands

Dec 7, 2014: Google: A Blue Chip Gem For 2015 (article by Bret Jensen)

  • Google has not participated in the bullish rally many tech stocks have been on in 2014.
  • The company still has plenty of growth drivers and hidden assets.
  • Investors should consider Google in large-cap growth portfolios.

Dec 7, 2014: Merrill Lynch Downgrades Google Inc (GOOGL), Upgrades Yahoo! Inc. (YHOO) (article by Troy Kuhn)

  • Merrill Lynch downgraded Google to a Neutral given rising risks and competition.
  • The analysts pulled down Google's price estimate by $20 to $600.
  • The reasons given for the cut were higher exposure to EU regulatory risk, a sturdy Apple Inc. market performance, increased competition from industry rivals like Facebook Inc in search optimization and marketing shares, and the falling revenues of the American online-advertising markets (especially from social media websites).

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